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chitra's arabic album


Thursday, July 3, 2008

CHITRA sings fo the Rajinis new film Kathanayakudu

CHITRA sings fo the Rajinis new film Kathanayakudu

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chitra's song in "ADA"

Chitra's song in "ADA"

 Chitra sings a full song for Rahman's Hindi film after a long time.............

Thursday, May 15, 2008

chitra videos in one place for download

now u can directly download videos of chitra goes the link..........

chitra singing lata hit number live

chitra singing lata hit number live
Rainaa beetee jaaye, was one of the hits of lata in 70s

The lyrics of the song are so simple yet the moduation is so difficult.....
there are so many variations both in pitch and pause...chitra very well preserved lata's orginal redtention and added her own style to the song

lyrics of the song

rainaa beetee jaaye, shaam naa aaye
nindeeyaa naa aaye

shaam ko bhoolaa, shaam kaa waadaa
sang diye ke jaage raadhaa

kis sautan ne rokee dagareeyaa
kis bairan se laagee najareeyaa

birahaa kee maaree paremadiwaanee
tan man pyaasaa aakhiyon mein paanee

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

matrudevo bhava.....veenuvai vacchanu bhuvananiki

matrudevo bhava....

veenuvai vacchanu bhuvananiki
Chitra's alltime hit..............pouring emotions ..............making anyone moved by those emotional tags attached............i bet no one on this earth can sing this song with the same emotional tone and pause........

see how sunitha...the anchor became emotional for few seconds........

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

A brief introduction about ks chitra

Born on July 27, 1963, in Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), Kerala , into a family of musicians, Chithra’s talent was recognized and nurtured from an early age by her father, the late Krishnan Nair. He was also her first guru (teacher). Chithra received her extensive training in Carnatic music from Dr. K. Omanakutty, after she was selected for the National Talent Search Scholarship from the Central Government from 1978 – 1984. She was introduced to Malayalam playback singing by M. G. Radhakrishnan in 1979.

She made her debut in the Tamil film industry in Chennai under the guidance of film music composer Ilaiyaraaja.nd from then on there was no looking back. Her expressive melodious voice got her plenty of offers and she was soon making a mark in Malayalam films to the extent that she has today monopolised Malayalam film music.Her knowledge of South Indian languages and Hindi enables her to render songs with originality and perfection. Her voice is versatile and she sings with a great feel.

Chithra has recorded thousands of film and non-film songs. During her career, numerous recognitions have come her way including six National Awards for best female playback singer. This is the largest number of national awards awarded to any female playback singer. She has won the awards for the following films:

1986 - Sindhu Bhairavi, Tamil film
1987 - Nakhaksthangal, Malayalam film
1989 - Vaishali, Malayalam film
1996 - Minsaara Kanavu, Tamil film
1997 - Virasat, Hindi film
2004 - Autograph, Tamil Film

She has also received 15 awards for the best female playback singer from Kerala State Government, 7 awards from Andhra Pradesh State Government, 4 awards from Tamil Nadu State Government and 2 awards from Karnataka State Government. She holds the unique honour of the first male or female playback singer to be recognised by all the four state governments in South India as the best playback singer

To this day, Chithra has recorded more than 15,000 film songs in 9 different languages and about 4000 non-film songs.

Chithra was also honoured with the Kalaimamani title from Tamil Nadu Government in 1997,
the K. J. Yesudas Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004, Kalaiselvam title from the South Indian Nadigar Sangam in 2002, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from Global Malayalee Council in London in 2003.

She has also received numerous mainstream awards like MTV Video Music Award, Screen – Videocon Award, Film Fans Association Awards, and Cinema Express Awards. She has in her credit, private albums in Hindi namely Piya Basanthi and Sunset Point. Her first ghazal album with Masterio Ghulam Ali and Asha Bhosle is ready for release. She recently released an album in dedication to Smt. Subbulakshmi named My Tribute. It is a collection of kirthis and bhajans dedicated to Subbulakshmi. Sony is planning to release a solo album soon owing to success of Piya Basanthi. Recognising her contribution to the music world, Smt. Chithra has been conferred the prestigious Padmashri title by the Government of India.

Chitra who has a strong base in classical music has an ability to pick up even the most difficult pitch with ease. Ms Chitra has many albums especially devotional music to her credit. She has also tried her hand in pop music and made an album with the 'Voodoo Rapper'. Her hugely successful albums include 'Piya Basanti'; her collaboration with sarangi exponent Ustad Sultan Khan, 'Sunset Point', where she worked with Gulzar and Bhupinder. She has had the opportunities to work with famous music directors like Salil Choudhary, Anu Malik, Nadeem-Shravan and world renowned music maestro A R Rahman. But she remains her simple down to earth self with the trademark pleasant smile. This immensely talented singer continues to impress her numerous fans with memorable songs.

chitra's interview on jummandi naadham (E TV)

yae swashalo cheritae gali gandarva mautunnado
yae moomi pai vaali thae...mouna mae mantram avuntuundo
aa swashalo ni leena mai ...a moomi paieeei ni mounamai
ninnu cherani madavaaaa
....................................(sunitha) the same way as raadha pleaded lord krishna........,the swaram,sruthi laya and a melody voice ..pleaded lord Brahma to embodi them where they can come out as as ghandarva gaanam

To lay them on that lips that can make them vibrte as samaveda sangeetam,make us embodies in that breath.lay us on those magical lips so that it makes the listners spellbound

LordBrahma listened to them and gave them a blessing so that they can stay in indian music for ever as a swara.....that swar nivas is indian's heart permanent address .....she is none other that PADMASRI .Smt.CHITRA

Born 44 years ago in Trivandrum..................rather than saying that she entered film industry 25 years would be appropriate to say that she has been ruling the film industry for the last 25 years

today;s atmiya athidi at vodafone jummandhi nadham ..... heartly welcomes chitra sincerly

sunitha:This forum that has invited susheela ,jamaki,jamuna rani .vasanth and sailaja.....has become paripoornam(complete) with chitra comming here

madam i sincerly welcome u

chitra : thank u

sunitha:at the age of 44 ..what is ur miror reflection...what do u feel about urself?what does chitra mean(to u)

chitra:(smiles)..lazy..........ha ha ha.....i dont know i am what i am

sunitha:so its is that beautifull ever smiling,laughing personality

chitra:i am the same from child mother used to always remind me that girls should not laugh all the time..they have to be serious....but i am always jovial...i dont know why

sunitha: so thats it?
we used to have a lesson in englidh tiled "As others sees us".......we will not accept how much ever critism u do on urself

but as an outsider...actually we know better about u than ur own self
so i will make some assertions ...u just confirm if i am right or wrong..ok

chitra : ok

sunitha:chitra sings excellentyl...right?

chitra : wrong....its is actually that i am a modest singer ....still lots to be improved upon(i wonder where it puts me)

if i listen to my seniours suseela garu and janaki gari ..i feel nowhere near them...i have to improve a lot

sunitha:so i wonder how much still i have to learn ....

chitra is reserved ...right


sunitha :thank last a right answer

chitra's heart is as beautifull as she looks...right?

chitrs:its my wish to become so....i wish i should respect others more and more

sunitha:chitra is enjoying the same stardom in all the music industries she has worked?

chitra:enough (laughs)not more

sunitha:actually these are what we know about u.

when did u enter hindi film industry ?what was ur first hindi song?how did u get the opportunity there

chitra:my first hindi song was liricked by PB Srinivas sir..composed by sangeet raja SP venkatesh...but i dont know if that song was realeased ...i did not hear that song after its recording

however the first released hindi song, sung by me along with SPB sir was from the film LOVE....SAATHI TU NAE KYA KIYA....composed by anand-milan

song....satiya..tune kya kiya

sunitha:what was the first oppurtunity that u got in telugu?

my first telugu song was a humming for a song sung my jesudas...composed by kv mahadevan

continued by songs composed by satyam sir and illiaraja sir ( abba dani soku sampangi reku)

sunitha:ur most famous song that made u get a national recognition is....sindubhairavi

chitra:actually it is a dubbed movie
rajshree sir gave me many telugu songs that helped me learn telugu..

sunitha:it is a boon for u that we can talk to u in telugu

song...padalenu pallavaina

sunitha:if chitra had not been a singer ...what would she had been then

chitra:A Teacher..........actually both my parents are teachers and many of my friends became teachers

if not a singer u would have seen me as a music teacher at some institution