Thursday, May 15, 2008

chitra videos in one place for download

now u can directly download videos of chitra goes the link..........

chitra singing lata hit number live

chitra singing lata hit number live
Rainaa beetee jaaye, was one of the hits of lata in 70s

The lyrics of the song are so simple yet the moduation is so difficult.....
there are so many variations both in pitch and pause...chitra very well preserved lata's orginal redtention and added her own style to the song

lyrics of the song

rainaa beetee jaaye, shaam naa aaye
nindeeyaa naa aaye

shaam ko bhoolaa, shaam kaa waadaa
sang diye ke jaage raadhaa

kis sautan ne rokee dagareeyaa
kis bairan se laagee najareeyaa

birahaa kee maaree paremadiwaanee
tan man pyaasaa aakhiyon mein paanee